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Business & Industry

Business touches everything in your world.

It’s behind the food you eat, the vehicles you drive, the clothes you wear—every product or service you consume is the result of a business somewhere organizing the people, money, materials, and other resources to deliver that product or service to you. From chief executive officers (CEO s) overseeing worldwide organizations of hundreds of thousands of workers to receptionists answering phones, well-educated employees make businesses run more smoothly and profitably.



English 1, English I Klein Prep (KP*) or KP/GT   (EOC)

English 2, English 2 KP or KP/GT  (EOC)

English 3, English 3 AP or English 3 DC

English 4, English 4 AP Lit, English 4 DC


Algebra 1, Algebra 1 KP, Algebra 1 KP/GT (EOC)

Geometry, Geometry KP, Geometry KP/GT

Algebra 2  Algebra 2 KP, Algebra 2 KP/GT

4th Math credit


Biology, Biology 1 KP Biology 1 KP/GT  (EOC)

Chemistry, Chemistry  KP, Chemistry KP/GT, Chemistry AP, Physics, AP Physics 1

3rd Science credit

4th Science credit


World Geo, World Geo KP, World Geo KP/GT, Human Geography AP or World History, AP World History

US History, AP US History, US History DC (EOC)

Government, AP Government, Government DC

Economics, AP Micro/Macro Economics, Economics DC


2 credits of Language Other Than English (KP or AP)

1 credit of PE

1 credit of Fine Arts

4 credits for Business & Industry Endorsement Pathway

3 elective credits

*Klein Prep (KP)

Business & Industry Pathways


  • Applied Agriculture Engineering Pathway*

  • Animal Science/Veterinary Medical Assistant Pathway*

  • Environmental & Natural Resources Pathway

  • Plant & Floral Science Pathway*

Business Marketing & Finance

  • Accounting & Financial Services Pathway

  • Business Management Pathway

  • Entrepreneurship Pathway

  • Marketing & Sales

College Pathway:

Computer Science

  • Advanced Computer Science & Algorithms*

  • Computer Science & Algorithms*

Culinary Arts

  • Culinary Arts Pathway

Family & Consumer Science

  • Fashion Design Pathway

  • Interior Design Pathway*


  • Network Design Pathway*


  • Audio/Video Production Pathway

Technology Education

  • Animation Pathway

  • Architectural Design Pathway*

  • Electrical Engineering Pathway*

  • Engineering Design Pathway*

  • Robotics Pathway*

College Pathway:

Technology Applications

  • Cybersecurity Pathway*

  • Video Game Programming & Design


  • Automotive Technology Pathway

  • Small Engine Technology Pathway

College Pathways:


  • Construction Technology Pathway

  • HVAC & Refrigeration Technology Pathway

  • Manufacturing Technology Pathway*

  • Welding

College Pathway:

 For more information on Klein ISD Career & Technical Education, click here:

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