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STEM | Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

New Discoveries are made every day.

Scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians are pushing the boundaries of human knowledge by seeking to better understand and improve the world around us. They spend their time exploring everything from vast galaxies of stars to the tiniest subatomic particles. They invent the technologies that make our lives easier and more rewarding and develop solutions to problems that threaten our future. Thanks to the men and women on the cutting edge, we know more than ever before. If you are curious about the universe, dream of exploring new worlds of knowledge, or want to solve the planet’s problems, then Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics could be the right career cluster for you.



English 1, English I Klein Prep (KP*) or KP/GT   (EOC)

English 2, English 2 KP or KP/GT  (EOC)

English 3, English 3 AP or English 3 DC

English 4, English 4 AP Lit, English 4 DC


Algebra 1, Algebra 1 KP, Algebra 1 KP/GT (EOC)

Geometry, Geometry KP, Geometry  KP/GT

Algebra 2  Algebra 2 KP, Algebra 2 KP/GT

4th Math credit


Biology, Biology KP Biology KP/GT  (EOC)

Chemistry, Chemistry  KP, Chemistry KP/GT,

Physics, AP Physics 1AP Physics 2, AP Chemistry,

4th Science Credit


World Geo, World Geo KP, World Geo KP/GT, Human Geography AP or World History, AP World History

US History, AP US History, US History DC (EOC)

Government, AP Government, Government DC

Economics, AP Micro/Macro Economics, Economics DC


2 credits of Language Other Than English (KP, KP/GT or AP)

1 credit of PE

1 credit of Fine Arts

Minimum 4 credits for STEM Endorsement Electives

*Klein Prep (KP)

STEM Pathways

The following Pathways are eligble for STEM and/or Business & Industry Endorsements*:

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

  • Animal Science/Veterinary Medical Assistant Pathway

  • Applied Agricultural Engineering Pathway

  • Plant & Floral Science Pathway

Architecture and Construction

  • Architectural Design

  • Interior Design

College Pathway:

Information Technology

  • Network Design Pathway


  • Manufacturing Technology Pathway

  • Robotics Pathway


  • Cybersecurity Pathway

  • Engineering Design Pathway

  • Advanced Computer Science & Algorithms Pathway

  • Computer Science & Algorithms Pathway

  • Electrical Engineering Pathway

College Pathway:

The following Pathways are eligble for STEM and/or Business & Industry Endorsements*:

*Must meet math and science requirements for STEM Endorsement

The following Pathways are eligble for STEM and/or Public Service Endorsements*:

Health Science

  • Certified Nursing Assistant Pathway

  • Exercise Science & Wellness Pathway

  • Health Science Clinical Pathway

  • Healthcare Diagnostics Pathway

  • Medical Sciences Pathway

  • Pharmacy Pathway

College Pathway:

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