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Public Service

Public Services touch every member of society every day.

People in public service do the work that keeps society running smoothly, from building bridges to passing laws. They collect taxes and spend public funds on projects and programs designed to benefit citizens of a town, city, state, or nation. They operate public services such as schools, parks, hospitals, airports, water and power utilities, and more. Elected officials represent the voters in government and civil servants enforce rules and regulations so that society operates equitably and safely. If you want to serve your community, run for public office someday, or protect our rights and freedoms, then Public Service may be the right endorsement for you.

Public Service Pathways

Criminal Justice

  • Forensic Science Pathway

  • Law Enforcement Pathway

  • Legal Studies Pathway

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Early Learning Pathway

  • Family & Community Services Pathway

  • Teaching & Learning Pathway

College Pathway

Health Science

  • Certified Nursing Assistant Pathway*

  • Emergency Medical Technician Pathway

  • Healthcare Diagnostics Pathway*

  • Health Science Clinical Pathway*

  • Medical Sciences Pathway*

  • Pharmacy Pathway*

College Pathway:






English 1, English I Klein Prep (KP*) or KP/GT   (EOC)

English 2, English 2 KP or KP/GT  (EOC)

English 3, English 3 AP or English 3 DC

English 4, English 4 AP Lit, English 4 DC


Algebra 1, Algebra 1 KP, Algebra 1 KP/GT (EOC)

Geometry, Geometry KP, Geometry KP/GT

Algebra 2  Algebra 2 KP, Algebra 2 KP/GT

4th Math credit


Biology, Biology 1 KP Biology 1 KP/GT  (EOC)

Chemistry, Chemistry  KP, Chemistry KP/GT, Physics, AP Physics 1

3rd Science Credit

4th Science Credit


World Geo, World Geo KP, World Geo KP/GT, Human Geography AP or World History, AP World History

US History, AP US History, US History DC (EOC)

Government, AP Government, Government DC

Economics, AP Micro/Macro Economics, Economics DC


2 credits of Language Other Than English (Klein Prep (KP) or AP)

1 credit of PE

1 credit of Fine Arts

4 credits for Public Service Endorsement Pathway

3 elective credits

*Klein Prep (KP)

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