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Multidisciplinary Studies

Variety is the spice of life.

The broad nature of the Multidisciplinary Studies Pathway lends itself to many different career fields as students investigate courses from a variety of pathways.


English 1, English I Klein Prep (KP)* or KP/GT   (EOC)

English 2, English 2 KP or KP/GT  (EOC)

English 3, English 3 AP Language or English 3 DC

English 4, English 4 AP Lit, IB English HL/SL


Algebra 1, Algebra 1 KP, Algebra 1 KP/GT (EOC)

Geometry, Geometry KP, Geometry 1 KP/GT

Algebra 2  Algebra 2 KP, Algebra 2 KP/GT

4th Math credit


Biology, Biology 1 KP, Biology 1 KP/GT  (EOC)

Chemistry, Chemistry  KP, Chemistry KP/GT, Physics, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2

3rd Science credit

4th Science credit


World Geo, World Geo KP, World Geo KP/GT, AP Human Geography,  or AP World History, AP European History

US History, AP US History, US History DC (EOC)

Government, AP Government, Government DC

Economics, AP Micro/Macro Economics, Economics DC


2 credits of Language Other Than English (KP or AP)

1 credit of PE

1 credit of Fine Arts

4 credits for endorsement pathway electives

3 elective credits

*Klein Prep (KP)

Student Voices

AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP English
AP Environmental Science
AP Government
AP Human Geography
AP Microeconomics
AP Physics
AP Psychology
AP Spanish
AP US History
AP World History
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