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Foundation High School Program

Starting Point for Graduation

The Foundation High School Program with endorsements is a flexible program that allows students to pursue their interests. It is the default graduation program for students who entered high school in the 2014-15 school year or later.

Foundation Plan (22 Credits)
The Foundation Plan is the minimum plan for graduation. 
  • English (4 credits) -- English I • English II • English III • An advanced English course

  • Mathematics (3 credits) -- Algebra I • Geometry • An advanced math course

  • Science (3 credits) -- Biology • Integrated Physics & Chemistry or an advanced science course • An advanced science course

  • Social Studies (3 credits) -- World History or World Geography • U.S. History  • U.S. Government (one-half credit) • Economics (one-half credit)

  • Languages Other Than English (2 credits) -- 2 credits in the same language or 2 credits from Computer Science I, II, III

  • Physical Education (1 credit)

  • Fine Arts (1 credit)

  • Electives (5 credits)

  • Speech: Demonstrated proficiency ​

Foundation + Endorsement(s) Plan


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